Student Wellness Center

Student Wellness Center

Professional counseling and support services are provided to students in the areas of personal, 学术, 危机, community resources, and on site accessible food/resource pantry (Campus Market). 的 staff is comprised of trained counselors who are qualified to help individuals assess and understand their personal issues, 能力, 资质, 利益, and other characteristics. 咨询 services are confidential and are focused to promote the growth and success of the individual.

的 counseling program is an integral part of the teaching and learning process. 咨询 services are provided through the comprehensive work of the Student Wellness Center and are available on every campus upon request.

Support Services

的 staff is comprised of trained counselors who are qualified to help individuals assess and understand their personal issues, 能力, 资质, 利益, and other characteristics.

  • Title IX Confidential Source on campus
  • Access 食物/Resource Pantry on campus
  • 咨询 support for personal issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, etc.
  • Time management and stress management techniques
  • Work/Life balance
  • Relationship concerns with faculty, staff and students
  • Social skills development
  • Conflict and confrontation resolution
  • Referral and information to community resources
  • Academic 咨询: Study skills, test taking strategies, test anxiety, learning styles
  • Decision-making skills
  • Crisis intervention
  • Financial challenges

Accessing 咨询 Support Services at Rowan-Cabarrus

  • Make an appointment in person at the Student Services reception area at either campus.
  • 电子邮件 
  • 呼叫 704-216-RCCC (7222) and ask to speak to Misty Moler.
  • 安排 Student Assistance Program: college-sponsored benefits that offer free services to enrolled students and immediate family members 24/7/365. 咨询, 法律服务, financial services and online services can also be accessed by calling 800-633-3353.
    • Student Assistance Program also offers some great resources to assist with Work-Life Balance and can be accessed online by visiting; select ‘My Portal Login’ in the top-right corner of the screen; Username: rcccsap and Password: guest.
  • When it comes to 心理健康, many times individuals aren’t sure or just want gain more knowledge about various conditions. Mental Health America offers some simple and user friendly self-screening tools that can assist in gathering more information related to symptoms of 心理健康 concerns. This can be a healthy and private way to explore and identify symptoms of a variety of conditions. Should you decide to talk to someone following this step, please feel free to contact a member of the Student Wellness Center to discuss further or call the Student Assistance Program (800-633-3353) to access free counseling support. Mental Health America offers free screenings from their 网站 英语和 西班牙语.
  • 教师 can facilitate access to services by sending an electronic referral to 有雾的 or by bringing a student to the reception area or providing the Student Wellness Center contact information.
  • 推荐: 的 Student Wellness Center team maintain comprehensive referral resource information. Examples include: Mental Health Services (Rowan Co. 704-637-9301), or (Cabarrus Co. 800-939-5911); Family Crisis Council (Rowan Co. 704-636-4718); Domestic Violence Victims Assistance (Cabarrus Co. 704-788-2826); and many others.
  • Student Wellness Staff are accessible:
    • 北 & South Campuses: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday –  Friday
    • NCRC:上午8:30.m. – 3:00 p.m. 周二
    • 电子邮件 to schedule an appointment at the campus most convenient for you.
    • All support services are confidential.